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Over 2,800 companies have combined to raise £711,000 for charities through Business Fives events.

In excess of 23,000 players have hit the back of the net over 45,000 times across over 8,100 individual matches.

With 13,500 website visitors per month, 3,714 followers on LinkedIn with an average engagement rate of 42%, our impressive stats represent a marketing opportunity for your brand to score some exposure through Business Fives events.

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What Our Sponsors Say

“I thought the event went really well both from a fun/organisation perspective but also as a sponsor, we got plenty of coverage and enjoyed being involved.”
Chris Hector

Regional Director , Ladbrokes Coral

“Overall sponsorship has been a very positive experience for our company and a worthwhile investment. The exposure has built the reputation of my company and allowed me to increase the number of companies I now speak to, stimulating growth, and increasing opportunity.

Upon meeting John it was easy to make the decision to get involved, his enthusiasm for sport as a way to encourage team/company camaraderie, increase awareness of exercise for health and use it as a way of generating money for charity is obvious and great to be involved with.

John has included my company at every step of the journey, allowing me the opportunity to speak with all of the participants, and their companies, both at the events and afterward.”

Dr Gary Blackwood

Director , White Tree Chiropractic

“The more people who can get involved in the tournament either taking part or as sponsors the better. It’s certainly something we would be pleased to support on an ongoing basis and I would thoroughly recommend it.”
Craig Vickery

Head of Scotland, ACCA Scotland

OMNI Recruitment

Website Partner:

OMNI is a resourcing transformation specialist with one clear purpose – to change the way organisations resource for the better. they work with clients to improve their resourcing effectiveness, enabling them to stand out from their competitors in how they engage, develop and retain talent. omni has three business streams:

  1. Recruitment – delivering brand-led recruitment services including rpo, msp, executive search and assessment
  2.  Talent consultancy – helping organisations to understand and improve their resourcing effectiveness through a range of strategic consultancy services including retention and workforce planning
  3. Talent development – supporting organisations to attract and nurture talent through recruitment training, management and leadership development.