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We run corporate charity sports events. Our Football (Business Fives), Golf (Business Fours)  and Esports (Business Esports) events offer a mix of teambuilding and networking that enable companies to create a positive impact at the same time. We are proud to have worked with thousands of companies raising over £670,000 for charity to date.

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Business Fives

Business Fives runs corporate charity football events throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond delivering professionally organised events that are fun for the entire office.  Professionals from all sectors and all abilities are welcome and invited to get involved in various local qualifying events ahead of the respective national finals.

The events offer professionals a chance to leave the office, focus on their well-being and make some new connections while raising money for your own charity causes. The five-a-side events allow businesses to come together to strengthen their team relationships, focus on their CSR and make new connections with other players.

The mixed events are open to any company to join and they cater for all levels of ability with a tiered tournament format that allows companies of a similar standard to enjoy game time against each other.

Business Fours

At Business Fours we run Corporate Charity Golf Events throughout the UK & Ireland offering a mix of teambuilding and networking whilst raising money for charity.  We have brought thousands of companies together and raised thousands for charity in the process.

Business Fours has the aim of bringing professionals closer together with likeminded professionals in a relaxed environment.  Business Fours unique networking formula enables individuals from your company to meet other likeminded professionals in a relaxed environment on the course and feedback on our this has been fantastic.

Come along to one of our corporate golf events and network with local companies in an energetic environment with like-minded industry professionals.

Our corporate golf events also offer a refreshing way to bond with colleagues outside of the office environment playing as a team in our national business golf tournament. Strengthen and enhance relationships within your team through our corporate golf events.

Business Golf Fours with Business Fives Scotland UK
Business Esports Events with Business Fives Scotland UK

Business ESports

Business Esports creates an online environment where professionals come together to game, bond with colleagues and make new connections all while creating a positive impact through fundraising.

Our events are socially driven underpinned by our commitment to donating 10% of revenue to charity with thousands raised for charities across the UK through our events.

We offer a wide range of tournaments from FIFA to Call of Duty, Warzone to Rocket League and our tournaments are now cross console

Team Building:

Business Fives events represents a fantastic team building opportunity and a brilliant way to bond with colleagues outside of the office in a fun and competitive environment.

Tapping in to professionals passions; – we actively encourage all levels of ability to participate, promoting health, fitness, wellbeing and community engagement;

Get the office buzzing ahead of our events and strengthen relationships within your team through the power of sport.

Fund Raising:

We are a Socially Conscious Business with a socially responsibile mission and strive to have a positive impact on communities.

Our mission is to create memorable experiences allowing professionals to develop relationships while making a positive impact.

We are proud to help businesses support local charities and promote CSR. We have already significantly impacted many communities through our events and will continually strive to improve upon this.

We have a company commitment to donating 10% of all revenue to charity and raised almost half a million for charities with ambitions over the next 5 year to boost this figure over £1 Million to charities.


Business Fives has created new, exciting atmosphere and network for professionals to meet new connections, whilst promoting active lifestyles through their passions.

Whether you’re in financial services or Technology & IT, construction or energy your business will find a place to connect with other companies through Business Fives, Business Fours and Business Esports events. Come along and meet other companies and find your next client through our events.